The Centre of the Universe

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When the body was first manifested, there was a great argument between the parts of the body about who was going to be the centre of the universe.

The mind said it wanted the position, as it made all of the decisions.

The eyes declared they deserved the job, as they showed the body where to go.

The hands then spoke up and said they wanted to be the centre of the universe, as they bought food to the body and mind.

The legs then interrupted and said that without them the mind, the hands and the eyes wouldn’t be able to go anywhere.

It all turned into a terrible nasty squabble, at which point a muffled, distant voice was heard to say, “I want to be centre of the universe.” The bickering halted until they realised the source of the muffled voice was the arsehole!

They all laughed at the arsehole, “How could you possibly qualify to be the centre of the universe?” So the arsehole closed up for a week and the mind became confused, the eyes began to water, the hands shook and the legs weakened. “Alright, alright,” they yelled, “whatever you say, you can be the centre of the universe!”

The moral of the story is: you don’t have to be nothing but an arsehole to be centre of the universe! It is known there is no centre, no reference point. The universe also appears in the one consciousness that floats on the lake of love essence. Even though there are arseholes declaring they are the centre of the universe and that everything must pass through them in order to move into the light… there is only light. And that is immediately available to all without any straining required.

You will never find the light. You appear in the light, you will fade, the light will not fade.

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