Non Duality and Addictions

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Non Duality and Addictions – Uncovery vs Recovery

There is a commonly heard phrase, referring to addiction and substance abuse: “First of all one has to admit to a problem before one can begin to do anything about it”.

So when one begins “Doing” something about “It”, when does one stop “Doing” something about “It”.
Isn’t addiction “Doing” something about “It”. The “It”, in this case, the medicines and behaviours we keep “Doing” in order to avoid “It”, the memory or wounding of the “Initial Trauma”.

So why do we keep Doing Re-Covery and not Uncover the I.T. – Infinite Truth. Why do we keep re-covering the same ground and keep the story of my historical thinking and behaviour alive and well in the present moment. Doing ain’t Being, i.e.: Human Doing vs Human Being. Being precedes Doing, as does Infinite Truth precede Initial Trauma.

One can indulge in the Incessant Talking about one’s thinking and behaving, medications and use the platform to restage the storyline of the Ever Grandiose Object (EGO for short). In the form of the Persona (Latin for Mask / Sound) that needs a constant spotlight, after all the mask that made the sound was used in Greek theatre to project the performance of a false self or character from a fictitious story.

One could however engage in Intimate Telling, in order to be mirrored and validated and in the case of people in the earlier stages of substance misuse and over use, needing constant reminders that if they keep pulling the cats tail, it will turn and scratch you. Intimate Telling can be an important part of letting go of the false self that abides in the past.

Initial Trauma can be experienced by the Person (Human), with the premature abrupt disconnection from the primary caregiver and the breaking away from the Whole becomes a Hole.
Initial Trauma can be experienced by Persons (Humankind) by the premature disconnection from Infinite Truth. Certain individuals, having perhaps experienced some kind of crisis, go looking for the Infinite Truth by repeating or Re-Covering the same behaviour of Doing and seeking. As one would seek out a drug dealer or bottle shop or spiritual image, in the bleak blizzard of the never ending trail, only to find what was being sought was already home by the fire place.

“The Indian story tells of the tribal elders gathering together in order to find a safe place to store the tribal wisdom, to protect it from the reckless up and coming initiated youths.

One person suggests that they bury the wisdom at the back of a cave, someone interjects and declares that would soon be discovered as the youths, in their adventurous manner would soon dig about and find it there.

Another elder suggests sinking it to the bottom of the lake and another interjection declares that would be found easily, as the relentless youths in their enthusiasm would find it eventually, with their diving and bring it up only to irresponsibly scatter it about.

Another voice speaks up from the back of the gathering of elders and says “I know, why don’t we bury it deep within themselves, they will never think to look there!””

The 12 step model for addiction has been a vital step in providing a safe place for people to share their strength and hope for 100 years. From 1938 until approximately 1960 the rate of sobriety was very high, some research and calculation from the length of sobriety medallion system in AA would suggest that that has dropped from the 90th percentile to well below 10 percent. Also attending such fellowships are persons who have nowhere else to go, which can’t help the results.
Page 55 of the Big Book of AA states: “We found the Great Reality deep down within us. In the last analysis it is only there that He may be found. It was so with us.”

What is offered here is an understanding of your core driver in the first session; helping the understanding of pure essence. You are not the breadcrumbs you are rolled in. I AM, suffered from alcoholism, I AM is not an Alcoholic. Without the Alcoholic, there is just I AM, without the AM there is just I, without I, only Infinite truth without doing.

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