The Grand Auspicious

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PASSHEFAIL and the SEARCH FOR THE HOLY QUAIL How could a humble Being ever be accepted into the veiled venue of such a sacred institution, that could finally reveal the ultimate truth.   This youth called Passhefail, lived in a bush Bark hut some distance away and made regular pilgrimages to the palace of the dexterous ducks, in the hope … Read More

The Transparency of Things

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Cast your mind back to a time when you would repurpose jars for biscuit barrels or storage containers of different kinds. The most difficult and aesthetically important job was to remove the old label that described many things, the most obvious was the contents, then things like the use by date, the ingredients, perhaps a spiel about the qualities and … Read More

Lake Infinite

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This lake has no bottom, it is infinitely deep, it may be a lake you have seen in your waking dream travels, even one you have seen in your sleeping dream, perhaps in a book or movie.

Picture a glassy smooth lake that reflects its surroundings, so still and tranquil on the surface, at its depth, total stillness, unable to be disturbed.

The Pain-Train

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The Pain-Train

The train can’t leave until it arrives at ACCEPTANCE STATION (ARY)      i.e. [STILLNESS] Suffering happens when one tries to stop the pain from arriving. (nothing can leave until it arrives) Remain as the Witness, Stay behind the yellow line. Halt the Thought, don’t let it turn into a story Or watch the thought dissipate into nothingness Stories keep … Read More

Natural State of Relating

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Tree and person

In the 50’s and 60’s, Australia had not undergone any individuation. England was still described by many European Australians as ‘Home’. If somebody was going to England for a holiday, it may be described as going “HOME”, even though they may never have been to Mother England in their life. Nobody would admit to having come from convict stock. So … Read More

The Centre of the Universe

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When the body was first manifested, there was a great argument between the parts of the body about who was going to be the centre of the universe. The mind said it wanted the position, as it made all of the decisions. The eyes declared they deserved the job, as they showed the body where to go. The hands then … Read More

Letting Go

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Nature Forest

A tree does not shed bark; there is no act of shedding. The tree expands, the bark falls away, returns to the ground and dissolves into nutrients for the tree to expand further. As awareness expands, “letting go” happens. The tree doesn’t say, “does my bum look too big in this bark”, it merely grows and the bark is no … Read More

Non Duality and Addictions

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Zen Stones

Non Duality and Addictions – Uncovery vs Recovery There is a commonly heard phrase, referring to addiction and substance abuse: “First of all one has to admit to a problem before one can begin to do anything about it”. So why do we keep Doing Re-Covery and not Uncover the I.T. – Infinite Truth. Why do we keep re-covering the … Read More


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Wooden Heart

When the hearing Heart hears, And the seeing Heart hears, In the presence of a speaking, pointing Heart. All is realised prior to the need for reckoning or reasoning. BDM h E A R t