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Addictions and Non Duality, so much is heard about Recovery, what about Uncovery? Are we doomed to cover the same ground for decades, never to realise the ever refreshing moment of infinite potential?

Many people are driven to alcohol and drugs by Fear and spend the rest of their lives in the recovery mill in Fear of alcohol and drugs. I am not an Addict having suffered from Addiction, the same as I am not a Haemorrhoid having suffered from Haemorrhoids, both were however a pain in the arse.

My name is Brad Mills and I have spent many years treating Addiction with Psychotherapy and Counselling, until it was realised that whenever we treat people from the realm of Dualism no one can get well, only the Sick and the Sicker.

We were all born piddling pooing bundles of AWAREness, that were rolled in layers of toxic family and cultural breadcrumbs. Simply identify the “not awareness” and let it dry, shrivel and fall off. How did Michelangelo make the statue of David? He let go of all the bits that didn’t look like David.

I abide in the Great Southern Land, that is neither Island nor Continent, whose identity is in turn between England and America. At it’s centre is the great Spiritual rock Uluru, so named by the wondrous people that lived on the island continent for an estimated 70,000 years. They had something like 630 languages and dialects, none of which contained a word for future or past. At the centre of the great land is a time, when the hot air meets the cold air and “Milprie” happens and rain is the result in bringing life.


When Control merges with Chaos, Life can be the result. When Control vs Chaos, duality persists and so in order for someone to be so called “Well” someone has to always be “Sick”. So it could be imagined that an industry could be created from this.

In Uncovery there is nothing to get, but lots to let go of.

I use the wisdom of the Enneagram to give you intricate details of the “Not You” to let go of. Realise Uluru is surrounded by a vastness, ever-changing, in contrast to its infinite core.

Realise your core essence never went anywhere; return to the hEARt Centre. Quit seeking Recovery and recover, as you have quit seeking bottle shops and dealers, neither can ever be secured.

What you’re looking for is where you’re looking from. Beliefs – Opinions – Positions – Thoughts – Emotions – Sensations – Stories, are all transient thought based Ego structure.

Why keep on making your past story Who you are, by Re-Hearsing Re-Covery and Uncover who or what you have always been.

Wake Up and discover you already Are.

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